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The purpose of this site is to help promote collaboration between CPAs.

My day job consists primarily of three activities… I currently split time between Albero, Kupferman and Associates, LLC (a Wilmington, DE based CPA Firm.  I merged Nagy & Associates, P.A. in with Albero on Oct 1, 2013); (A web based CPA firm working with tax advisers across the country on IRS compensation opinions and audits) and an upstart CPA firm that services technology businesses. My role at Albero is business development for locally based businesses, that our outside of the area of technology. My role at is also business development as well as product development and overall management.  Please contact me if you’re interested in my services (see below).

My other business time is devoted to exploring and promoting different ways for Tax advisers, CPAs and financial people to work together for mutual benefit.  Please check out my blog and if you’re interested.  Thank you for visiting.


Dave Nagy, CPA
Albero, Kupferman and Associates, LLC
1701 Shallcross Avenue, Suite D
Wilmington, DE 19806


Dave Nagy, CPA