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With a strong foundation, anything is possible

 At Nagy & Associates, P.A., we're guided by a shared belief that it's always worth looking for a better way. That financial surprises are rarely welcomed. That relationships matter. And that in order for a company to scale—in an environment of relentless competition and constant change—having a strong financial foundation can be the difference between success and failure.

  Our customized financial services are designed to help you grow, reach your goals, and plan for the future. Whether you're looking for ways to cut your tax bill or want CFO-level advice so that you can make smarter decisions, 

Nagy & Associates, P.A. may be able to help. 


How We Do It

Our business model is different than your average CPA firm. All work and client communication routes through a high level, equity partner. This helps to ensure that you have a vested, capable person making sure your account is managed properly. We are selective with the number of client we accept. This protects you from being under serviced and makes sure that our capabilities match your needs.  

Our passion for improving has a positive effect on your bottom line.  

Unique products and services such as the Cost Cutting Review

(see article by David Nagy, Jan. 2015 Journal of Accountancy), 

helps drive above average value to you.   


Our Clients

Our clients are technology and marketing services businesses located throughout the country.  They are scaling quickly and put a premium on close relationships with their CFO and accounting advisers.  

Our clients have won numerous awards over the years including several E.Y. Entrepreneur of the Year awards; and Inc.-500 / Inc.-5000 awards for fastest growing private company.  

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