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What We Do

Our CPA firm helps successful businesses identify and cut wasteful spending. We evaluate the R.O.I. on your spending and present creative opportunities for your management team to consider. Our recommendations take into consideration any potential switching costs as part of the total return on any specific idea.   

We offer a no surprise, success-based pricing structure that has saved our clients millions of dollars over the years.

How We Do It

Our Cost Cutting Review ™ process, analyzes your spending and makes recommendations on areas that may need attention (see article by David Nagy, in Jan. 2015 Journal of Accountancy).  

This review is quick, easy and private, and begins with a phone call so you can determine if working with us makes sense for your business. We'll review your numbers and talk to key people in your organization during our assessment. After we're finished, we'll present our findings to you for consideration.  If you decide to implement any of our ideas, we'll be there to support you.

Who We Are

Nagy & Associates, P.A. started as a full service CPA firm in 2002, providing tax and accounting services to businesses.  In 2013, we merged our customer base with a larger CPA firm so the founder could focus on exclusively servicing technology businesses under; and conducting cost cutting reviews under Nagy & Associates, P.A.

We're a group of subject matter experts headed by Dave Nagy, CPA, a creative minded, native Delawarean with a knack for problem solving. Dave is passionate about using data and process driven techniques to identify high R.O.I. opportunities.

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