Pricing and Services

Nagy & Associates, P.A. provides uniquely tailored, high ROI accounting and financial services to help technology, and marketing service companies grow, reduce their risk, and save time and money. Committed to the pursuit of better—for our clients and for ourselves—we introduce better tools and systems that help our clients discover fresh intelligence, uncover new resources, and reach their goals faster.  

Fixed Fee, No surprise pricing

Nagy and Associates, P.A. combines big-accounting-firm expertise with the experience of running a small business.

We know that every business has unique needs, and we know that while surprises can sometimes be fun, most accounting surprises are not. As a result, we tailor customized services for every client: Some clients may only need tax planning, tax preparation, and occasional advice; others may need a dedicated controller and advanced services, such as cost-cutting reviews and annual business valuations. We’ll work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your business, and before we start any project, we’ll present a fixed price agreement (MSA) listing the services and a corresponding flat monthly fee so that you can properly evaluate the ROI, make smart decisions, and eliminate the chance that a monthly bill will ever surprise you.

As your business evolves, your needs may also change: In the first year, we may focus on the data foundation and making sure that the bookkeeping is being handled accurately and efficiently. Later, it may become more important to focus on advanced tax planning and predictive analytics and reporting. But no matter the stage, we know that investing in our clients year-round—not just at tax time—allows us to offer better solutions.


Service Categories


 Filing accurate business and personal tax returns on time is a fundamental requirement of every tax adviser. We take it a step further by providing greater ROI through deep tax planning, including R&D credits and other innovation tax incentives. If you’re looking to uncover every possible tax strategy, you need a strong relationship with a knowledgeable, industry-specific, and creative tax consultant. Our customized processes help ensure that tax planning and compliance are done properly to maximize your savings. 

Advanced Reporting and Systems Development

Every technology business brings a unique value proposition and in turn must monitor a distinctive set of key drivers. As a result, a traditional income statement is no longer enough; it simply doesn’t have the horsepower to decode where a business stands and where a business should prioritize their time and money. But by viewing clients as partners—and internalizing their goals as our goals—we provide CFO-level guidance to design and implement a system to better define performance measures, cash flow projections, and overall predictive indicators so that clients can efficiently pinpoint areas that need their attention. 

Growth Consulting

All technology companies have one common goal: to scale quickly. Everyone faces competition and, in time, every company that is unable to scale, anticipate needs, and evolve will eventually fail. We’ll help you succeed by identifying poor deals so that you can make cuts and redeploy funds; add inexpensive financing options to accelerate growth; and advise on incentive ownership plans to get the team moving in the right direction. 

Accounting (Tailored for your Company)

Your bookkeeping system is the foundation for managing your  business. Our expertise in working solely with organizations in the tech and marketing fields is our foundation, and we’re experts on the special requirements with which business like yours must comply, over and above standard bookkeeping needs. We’ll guide you through everything from SBIR grant reporting to software revenue recognition rules to quickly changing state nexus rules.